Areas of Expertise

We recognize that mission success starts with right minded people. Through an intensive recruiting process, ADEPT brings together Military-retired and industry subject matter experts with different experiences and backgrounds. Our unique combination of young professionals and seasoned “grey beards” help to influence actions, results, and decisions at all leadership levels in three main subject matter areas: Program Management, Systems Engineering, and Cyberspace.

Program Management

ADEPT provides government agencies with trusted and high-performing Program Management and Acquisition experts who are well versed in all aspects of the acquisition life cycle. Our experts seamlessly collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders, tackling our customers’ most challenging problems and resulting in program success. Our team prides themselves on the ability to synchronize a wide range of acquisition program activities – from strategy development, to risk management and through solution delivery. Most importantly, we understand the importance of ensuring programs stay on time, and within budget.

Systems Engineering

ADEPT provides a variety of services in the software engineering realm from requirement analysis, system reliability, cost control, and on-time delivery to building out architecture and design, and software development plans in accordance with the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and Capability Maturity Models (CMMs). ADEPT employees have a deep understanding of DoD systems and provide test and integration plans necessary for interfacing with partner organizations as the system matures.


ADEPT Force Group delivers a full range Cybersecurity solutions that support the organization from Categorization to Authorization and follows-up with Continuous Monitoring services.  Our services recognize that an organization is made up of a combination of management, operations, systems, and security components, all of which    are important to the full security solution.